About Us

We have a story. We like to share it.

We Work Hard To Provide Hard Working People their Due

Our aim is to become a brand of tribes.
It means a small mountain, which holds differnt substances in it.
Similarly our aim is to get connected to different kind to peoples and hold them together,our aim is to be part of every ones day to day life.


Our Company

Idea came to us when we saw our farmers do hard work and donot get actual hard work price.
Farmers are back bone of any country and it will not be wrong if we call them God in this world who give us food to eat and live.
Motto is to empower our country’s farmers and their works.

We are also going promote our cultural activies and hand crafts.
What ever work we do, our intersion is to promote the culture and handmade items from them.

Our aim is to empower our farmers, help them grow in education, economy, health and wealth.
We holdstrong each other and fly together even though we are different.

Our Team

Tongri was founded by three cofounders.

Abhishikt Toppo


Aman Minz


Kulan Sushil Lugun


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